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Who We Are

Eglinton Scott is a boutique real estate management & consulting company, licensed by the CMRAO, that specializes in condominium management within Ontario. Localized in London and headed by our namesakes, Séan Eglinton, OLCM, LCCI, ACCI, and Jessica-Ann Scott, OLCM who both bring their respective areas of excellence to offer your community.

Our People

Séan Eglinton, OLCM, LCCI, ACCI, with nearly 2 decades of front-end condominium management, Séan is our residential condo guru! Before working as a manager, he enjoyed an established career in the landscape industry having originally graduated from the Landscape Design program at Fanshawe College. His time spent in the landscape industry included design, construction, and maintenance before a twist of fate brought him to the exciting world of condominium management. He often uses his landscape and construction background to help create comprehensive bid specs and can help guide directors through the often confusing and overwhelming landscape that is contract and project planning.

Additionally, Séan has served on the Board of Directors for the local Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) chapter since being elected in 2018. He has been actively involved with the chapter by helping to facilitate the annual CCI golf tournament and assisting with education at various seminars and events hosted by CCI.

Jessica Scott, OLCM, has a well rounded understanding of the real estate industry thanks to her diverse background. Having come to condominium management from commercial real estate, she has extensive knowledge of the Condominium Act as well as various other levels of regulations – both on a municipal and provincial level – which may impact how a community operates. As the principal manager of Eglinton Scott, she oversees the administrative and service delivery requirements of the company. She studied business, marketing, and economics through post-graduate education and has a comprehensive understanding of the various needs of condominium communities. Further acknowledging that each community is unique and requires a tailored approach. She is a passionate advocate for community and believes that having access to competent management should not be feel insurmountable for condo communities.

In addition to her work within the real estate world, she is an equally passionate advocate within the greater local community. She currently sits as the Secretary & acting Treasurer on the Board of Directors of a non-profit dedicated to the advocacy of women experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. In addition to her governance work with this NFP, she has dedicated her time and efforts to assisting on the front lines of the homelessness crisis within our community however she can.

Why Eglinton Scott

We believe vehemently in ethical, competent, and effective service delivery for our clients. Our lead managers know this is achieved through transparency in communication and expectations. We strive to support our clients so that they feel confident when managing the needs and general business of their corporation and understand this looks different for each community. We believe you are the stewards of your community and understand our role as managers is to guide you, as the Board of Directors, in making educated and confident decisions that will serve the best interests of your community not only in the immediate future, but for many years to come.

At its core, Eglinton Scott was created to be the change our namesake managers wanted to see in our industry. We are dedicated to accessible service delivery and are equally passionate about the people we serve. We know how complex condominium management can be as each property is unique, with its own complexities. We believe that to effectively manage your community, we need to be on your property as well as speaking with you and your neighbours. Diligent condominium management cannot happen when the manager does not understand the physical property!

We understand that first and foremost, these are homes within a community. We know the passion and consideration that owners feel for their homes and strive to recognize and honour this. We also understand how difficult it can be to deal with issues relating to your home and home community and strive to help navigate these situations in a wholesome way that considers and reflects the best interest of the entire community and allows owners to be secure and validated – even in less than favourable situations!

At its foundation, Eglinton Scott believes the people need to be the priority. The communities we manage are more than just physical structures in a common space. They’re homes with people and families in them. Our priority is to always remember that this is a people first industry.

What We Do

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  • End to end management for Condominium Corporations
  • Administrative, physical & financial oversight
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  • Ideal for self-managed condominiums entering into a large project & not sure where to start
  • Stand-alone project consulting to keep Condos onside with The Act
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commercial MANAGEMENT

  • Administrative, physical & financial oversight
  • Lease oversight and execution

Already a Condominium Client

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status certificates

Are you an owner or their agent looking to secure a status certificate? These are often required for the sale or refinance of a condominium unit. If so click here to complete our status request form.

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record requests

The process for record requests is prescribed under The Condo Act..

Please use either of the following depending on the type of record you require:

Core Record Requests

Non-Core Record Requests

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information update

New number? Change your email? Leased your unit? To keep your client portfolio current, you may need to update this information with out office. Reach out to our office and let us know how to stay in touch by clicking here.

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P: 519-659-5040 E:

PO Box 145, London PO B, N6A 4V6

Our office phones are answered Monday through Friday between 8 o’clock am and 4 o’clock pm.

Eglinton Scott is licensed by the CMRAO as a condominium management service provider.

License #0057543800-CMP